Shaare Tefila’s unique way of viewing the child has enabled our son to grow, thrive and learn about the world in an open, caring and thoughtful environment. We were instantly amazed at how much thought gets poured into each and every activity. Coming from a family daycare, we were surprised at how much our son has absorbed in such a short amount of time by being given the opportunity to explore in a creative, loving and unique atmosphere.

– Adena and Avi

In searching for a preschool for our daughter, we visited dozens of schools in the area. We chose Gates of Discovery because we could see that the experience here would be rich, nurturing, stimulating and fun. The last two years have only exceeded our expectations. We feel that the school has become a part of our community- offering activities for families in the evening has allowed us to meet other families and develop new friendships. Our daughter has grown tremendously in her time here- she comes home and tells us excitedly about her day, which has included gardening, music, yoga, dance, building, hypothesizing, painting and much more. Moreover, we can connect to these experiences through the daily emails that the teacher sends us each day, full of photographs and descriptions of the day’s activities.

I recommend, fully and enthusiastically, the Gates of Discovery Preschool to all families. One of the values that I have seen in the actions of all the teachers and staff is a commitment to inclusiveness. All abilities, learning styles, and backgrounds have been welcomed, valued and celebrated at our school.

The teachers at Gates of Discover are some of the most intentional, loving people I know. They think deeply about how to create an experience for our children that is both stimulating and nurturing, and they have the tremendous skill of responding and adapting to the children’s’ interests and needs in each moment- which means that each day becomes something new and unscripted. Watching our daughter grow here has been an experience full of joy and wonder.

-Tahirih and Nitzan

We have been at Gates of Discovery Preschool for nearly four years and couldn't be happier. My son was in the original class, and Beth and the staff have grown the school both in number of students, staff and experience tremendously.

I love the holostic and natural approach of the school - each educational experience is crafted through the eyes of the children, and education is weaved into the web of the day's activities so the children explore, learn and have fun. There is a scientific aspect to their learning - children hypothesize about the world around them and learn through hands on experiences - cooking, planting, touching, describing, exploring - the children are active participants and leaders in thier learning.

I also appreciate the diversity of the school. Although jewish concepts and learning are present daily, there are students of many ethnic and religious backgrounds. The atmosphere is warm and accepting.

Finally, I feel that my son is cared for and educated with attention to his individual strengths and needs. The staff knows each child well and I always feel good as he bounds into the room for another fun day at Gates of Discovery.

I would recommend it highly and without reservation.

- Jamie Schwartz

Everyone has been extraordinary * Beth and all the teachers are warm, friendly and work closely on all aspects of the program. I love the philosophy and nurturing environment and I know my son is in a good, happy and loving place. He is learning so much and I am so grateful for the love, support and patience they show my whole family!

-Melissa and Seth